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Hi and thank you from the bottom of my heart for visiting my site! 


I am a wife and mother of two adorable and spunky little girls, Kiley Grace, and Kenzie Paige. They keep me on my toes for sure. 


I am an inspired momma who is passionate about pretty much anything that involves health, wellness and found my true calling in assisting others in achieving success.

I spend my days inspiring and empowering others to truly live a life they desrve and desire. 


I started my coaching journey really by accident.


In September 2013 I went into delivery to give birth to my daughter Kenize weighing in at a whopping 204 lbs. I remember thinking to myself before going in, if I weigh more than 200 I am going to die....well I of course didn't die but I was so disappointed in what I had let myself do to my body.

Although I was incredibly overjoyed to have given birth to the most beautiful little girl, I was extremely overweight, very depressed and quite frankly not sure what the hell I was going to do. I was doing all the things I had in the past, juicing, avoiding carbs, 7 day cycling, nothing worked.


This is where my journey begins. My beautiful friend Regina Galli introduces me to the Health and wllness company I am now aligned with. . My Life was forever changed.


With hard work, dedication and incorporating exercise into my life for the first time, I had lost ALL the baby weight from BOTH girls and more. I was feeling amazing and instantly started sharing this new found gift with everyone I could and then it hit me, I found my passion, my true calling.

Because you see it wasn't just about weight loss. It was my entire life, I was in a dead end job with a boss who placed absolutely no value on his hardworking employees. I was overworked, underpaid and quite frankly not the mom and wife I knew I required to be. I knew there was a better way, and how lucky was I that I had it right at my fingertips.


SOOOO I got healthy, got fired from my job (yep I said fired... don't feel bad it was the best thing that ever happened to me), and starting living life BY MY RULES.


I am now full time in my Network Marketing career and my coaching business. I get to live my life by my own design. Wake up to the sounds of my little girls giggles opposed to an alarm clock. And to be able to have all of this while changing lives both physically and financially every day..... like are you kidding me?????? Truly the best feeling ever...


So, it would be an honor for you to take a moment and check my website out! 


What brought you here?


  • Looking for a health shift? 

  • Looking to lose some unwanted pounds?

  • Looking for a better way?

  • Looking for clarity and direction?

  • Looking to collaborate with other like minded enterprenuers?

  • Looking to get fit? 


If any of the above pertain to you... you have reached the right place... drop me a message... I would love to get the opportunity to chat and see how I can serve you and if you are a fit for my services! 


all my love, 


Jenn xo

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