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"To Empower, inspire & encourage all moms to be the best version of themselves. To Ignite the true passion inside them that will ultimately leave a legacy for our children"




After getting laid off from my J.O.B. in April 2015 I spent hours searching the web for a FREE resource to workout with my kids and not have to worry about babysitters or daycare. I could not find anything in my area so I decided to do something myself. On a whim I created a group on Facebook, Not Just a Mom Movement. Almost overnight I grew a community of mommas all looking to get out of the house, get in shape and bring their kiddies with them!  So many moms spend their days going through the motions... feeling a sense of overwhelm... taking on way too much with minimal satisfaction.

Now with over 2200 members across Long Island Not Just a Mom Movement is cultivating a massive movement for moms! We create an environment where moms of all skill levels can come with their kids and get a workout in all while we teach our kids the value of proper exercise, health and fitness. We embrace the temper tantrums and the interruptions as we ALL KNOW they are going to happen! Please feel free to join the group and check out the events tab for all upcoming classes!!!


Although so much fun to work out with other moms, what I am sooo incredibly proud of is that this is NOT JUST ABOUT FITNESS. 

Kids.... Family... school.... daycare.... temper tantrums... diaper changes... bottles... sleepless nights... toys....terrible twos... adolescence... teenage years... 

We are friends, we are family. Our kids are friends. We laugh together. We cry together. We change dirty diapers together. We nurse our babies together. We sweat together. We look our worst together. We feel our best together. 

We inspire each other.

We motivate each other. 

We believe in each other. 



To join our online community of like minded minds simply click the link provided below, we love welcoming new moms each day! 




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