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So what is NJAMM actually all about you ask?

Soooo.... you may have come across my blog and your asking yourself... what in the world is NJAMM?

Well I am so so glad you asked....

We are THE JAMM! lol... seriously though we really are.

An acronym for Not Just a Mom Movement, we are a community of moms who are passionate about being the very best we can be.


We strive to provide a life for our kids where they are given every opportunity to grow into healthy, happy well rounded individuals.

We work hard and play hard.

We put our fitness and our health in the forefront.

We believe anything is possible and we support and encourage each other to always always chase their dreams and live their best life.


But rather than me sit here for the next two hours and GUSH over how much I love our community I figured why not let the mommas that make up this kick ass tribe do it for me...

So allow me to introduce you to some of the incredible mommas who make up NJAMM and what they have to say about us!

Vendula, mom to 2 yr old Holden...

"I am so thankful for this group cause u guys helped me get inspired and feel so much better about myself!"

Kristilyn, mom to Lianna, 9 Liam, 5 and Nicolas 1.5...

"super excited to get more involved with everyone in this group! You are all so nice and such a great support team"

Stacy, mom to Emily, 4 and Ryan 18 months...

"I have a million injuries, so exercise has always been stressful for me, but Belmont this past year was my absolute favorite part of the week. The inspiration this group has provided has been amazing"

CJ, mom to 2.5 year old twins, Brody and Kenzie.

"With the help and inspiration of this group I’m now training for my first half marathon and am in the best shape of my life. Everyone I have met in this group has been so amazingly positive and motivating I look forward to meeting more."

Courtney, mom to Reagan 3.5 and John John 2.5...

I've been with NJAMM for over 2 years and i'm addicted!! I love the moms, the workouts, the support system.

Barbara, mom to Penelope 2....

"When I joined the Not Just a Mom Movement 2 years ago, I was drawn by the group exercises. I loved the idea that I can have my young daughter next to me while I get back into shape. I never thought I will find more than just a good sweat. Two years later I’m making lifelong friends and my daughter is following my healthy lifestyle while playing along with her little friends. This group has given me a purpose. Being a new Mom isn’t easy. These Moms are my daily support system for anything I need, and they encourage me and look out for me every day. They are the best support I can rely on and I am truly thankful for that."

Lara, mom to Lucas 2.....

"This group has hands down lead me to meet some of the most amazing women - hormone alert I’m crying- and we are always excited to meet more!!!!!"


I mean seriously guys... does it get any better?

These are only a few of the many moms who are part of our amazing community....

So my message tonight... Is find your tribe... join mine if you would like... I am HAPPY to have ya!

And, although cliche... LOVE THEM HARD....

Until next time beauties....


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