and so it begins..

February 27, 2018



So I have been thinking of starting a blog for the longest... 


Joining the community of moms who spend their time journaling the crazy days of motherhood... sharing their insights.. their triumphs and their roadblocks... their happy times and their tough times... 


But I knew I wanted to be a bit different... which in really thinking about it, I am sure everyone does... I have spent the last 4 years of my life sharing the mantra "I want to inspire and motivate all mommas to be the very best versions of themselves"... but when I really really think about it.. what does that mean? like what does it really mean? to not only me.. but other moms. 


So here is what I know.. I know that this thing called motherhood is hard, confusing, frustrating and at the same time glorious and incredibly rewarding.. like seriously.. is that even possible?


If you are a mom you know it is. 


I know that giving birth to my first daughter at 35 was a HUGE bat to the head... I could never have imagined how difficult it would be to adjust... what do you mean I can't just get a mani pedi when I feel like it? Wait, how much does a babysitter cost? Why can't I just sit and relax with a glass of wine and a movie with my hubby? And whats all this stuff everywhere? diapers, wipes, stroller, carseat, highchair, swing... the list goes on and on. 


Six years later and two beautiful little girls to call my own... it is now an entirely different batch of questions.. 


I know that keeping up with my health and fitness can be daunting, exhausting and extremely frustrating....


Ever have this happen? Plan your whole week... going to meal prep for the week, signed up for your fave soul cycle class, made appointments for hair or massage... then you get woken up at 2am by a puke covered toddler.. only to spend the next three days indoors with a bottle of disinfecting cleaner, ordering take out and no shower... 


Yep, me too... 


I also know this... we deserve,


Time to ourselves...

Time to regroup and breathe...

Time to get dressed up in our "fancy clothes" and hang with our girlfriends.. 

Time to workout...

Time to enjoy good yummy healthy food...

Time to shop the aisles of target solo... 

Time for date nights with hubby...

Time for whatever guilty pleasure makes you feel good...


So in closing of my very first EVER blog post... OMG I am so excited!... my goal... is to come to you each and every time with something special... something to make you FEEL good... something to make you smile... to make you think.. to make you grow... to make you feel as if you are never alone... 


thanks for taking the time today... to read and to hopefully get to know alittle bit of me, my heart and my soul.. 


until my next post... xo






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