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Post one complete.... now its time to get deep... share a bit about who I really am...are ya ready for it?

I am a WIFE

I am married to a man I have loved since I was a 21 year old girl dancing on the bars in the Hamptons.. we "hooked up" on the weekends for years.. but our make out sessions never really amounted to anything more.

After walking out on a failed marriage (I will absolutely save this story for another blog post one day... LOL) I ran into my now hubby's best friend.. inquired about his whereabouts.. and the rest is history.. 10 years, two kids and a slew of memories both good and bad later, I am here. Typing away at my mac, while he snores next to me in bed.

We have a wonderful life, truly we do... great friends, great family, a beautiful home.

But I will tell ya.... my hopes and dreams for a grand life don't stop here.

I am a MOM

I mentioned in my first post and again earlier... my absolute greatest accomplishments are my two little girls. Kiley 6 and Kenzie 4.

They challenge me in ways I never knew imaginable. The teach me in ways I never thought I could be taught. They love me in ways I absolutely did not ever know I could be loved.

They are growing so fast and becoming little ladies. I am forever consumed with the hopes and prayers that I am parenting them the right way. That I am showing them how to be good humans. How to treat others with respect and love and genuine care.

We live in a freaking crazy ass world... social media, the constant desire to be "liked". The filters put on every photo... the false perception of what "reality" is, really can become all encompassing. Like paralyzing at times if I am being honest.

The pressure to be a "good mom" and the idea of "keeping up with the Jones's" is exhausting.

But I will tell ya..... my hopes and dreams for my girls don't stop here.


I run every single day.. I am currently signed up for a 15k (9.3 miles) in two weeks, a half marathon (13.1 miles) in both April and September and the NYC Marathon (26.2 miles) in November..

I ran the NYC Marathon last fall and my goodness WHAT A FREAKING DAY... this race deserves and will 100% get its very own blog post soon.

Running is in my blood and I am I going to fill you in on exactly why....

Since as far back as I can remember I have not been good at anything considered a sport. I was the girl picked last in gym class.. and never ever stepped foot in a gym until just a few years ago...

But RUNNING... running was something I always did. Something about the fresh air, the wind at my face, the solidarity, the peace and quiet that makes me feel alive.

No one to judge me. No one to make me feel I am not strong enough or fast enough and tough enough.

Over the last couple years though there has been a shift of sorts, I actually consider myself an athlete...someone who can accomplish way more than I give myself credit for.

But I will tell ya.... my hopes and dreams as an athlete don't end at marathons.


I have a successful home based business in the Network Marketing industry. I am beyond passionate about transforming peoples lives.

I get to build my business around the crazy ass days of ballet drop off, to girl scouts, and swimming lessons.

It's certainly not all sunshine and roses. It gets "hard". Sometimes I feel like I wanna quit and just put my jammies on and binge watch some Netflix show everyone is talking about.... Truth be told, besides the occasional Beat Bobby Flay on food network, I don't watch TV.

But I will tell ya... my hopes and dreams as an Entrepreneur have only just begun.

I am filled with determination, grit, passion, desire and pure fire.

To be of service to others. To sincerely make an impact on the lives of each and every mom I possibly can.

Soooooo... now that you know a bit more about me...

Until next time gorgeous people...

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